• HCFactions 4.0. The new Hardcore Experience.

What is HCFactions?

HCFactions is the original Hardcore Factions server that utilizes a scaling death ban up to three days if you die. Put your Minecraft survival and PvP skills to the test in this adrenaline pumping mode. Build a Faction or join one with friends, gain power, claim land, conquer events and kill everyone on your way to the top of the leaderboards.

World Map

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View faction homes and find a place for your own using the server world map.

Hardcore Factions was originally known for being the first faction server to utilize a death ban upon dying.

Upon first logging in your death ban will only be for a few minutes - but for every single minute you spend on HCF improving your situation the punishment you face when dying increases by a small but steady amount. Your death ban is your playtime on HCF during the whole map (not since your last death) and only resets after the end of a map.

You can still be revived or you can buy a life yourself. Lives are only usable after 15 minutes passed since your death.

Let's be real here. Vanilla Minecraft enchantments and potions are not balanced for fights between players. How is it possible to still have an enjoyable time PvPing? We have limited the available enchantments and potions to allow for more balanced fights as well as reverted some potions that were changed after Minecraft 1.6 to their original state. Instead of the game being a question of who can get strength potions the fastest this leads to your actual skill being much more relevant in fights.

Obviously you can still choose your amount of speed and health potions yourself so it's still dependent of your preparation.Overall we aim to reach a consistent damage output that allows for enjoyable PvP while still keeping the spirit of vanilla Minecraft. Please make sure to check out what the current kit is by looking at our signs at Spawn.

While we are talking about PvP let's also talk about our feature to make starting out on HCF easier and prevent spawn killing: PvP protection. After every death you will spawn in with 60 minutes of PvP protection - which will prevent damage from other players at the cost of not being able to damage others and entering claimed land. Mind that for a few hours after the start of a new map the PvP protection you receive will only be five minutes which could result in a devastating setback. Good Luck!

Worried about experienced players waiting just outside spawn to kill you when you leave? No idea how to run from them? Look no further, we have the solution to your problem: The Spawn Cannon.

The Spawn Cannon allows you to teleport into a random point within the Warzone by doing /sc launch while on the launchpad (indicated by a beacon at Spawn) - preventing players that are trying to ambush you from killing you. While it may not bring you to your desired location (with bad luck even further away) it still allows you to keep your precious resources, save Power as well as DTR and lets you survive so you avoid the scaling death ban.

For our Premium users we have the ability to use the /sc aim command. The distance you'll be able to launch to it determined by your premium rank. The higher your rank the further you'll be able to launch yourself.

Emerald & Obsidian - 1000 blocks

Platinum - 750 Blocks

Gold - 500 Blocks

Silver - 200 blocks

Upcoming King Of The Hills

KOTH Start Time Cap Time Status
Temple2015-08-21 20:00:0015 Minutes Not Active
Ruins2015-08-21 21:00:0015 Minutes Not Active