Server address: us.shotbow.net

Server is Online (228/400)

What should I do when I first login to the server, and what should I know?

  • Read the rules before anything else.
  • Get at least ten fish.
  • Use the spawn cannon to escape spawn without being followed
  • Find where you are on the world map, and find a location for your base.
  • Mine down to Y=11 and start mining in the direction of your future base
  • New players receive 60-minutes of PvP protection. This does not protect against mobs, falling damage, or other environment dangers.
  • /pvp time allows you to check how much time you have before PvP protection runs is gone.
  • /pvp enable will disable your PvP protection and enable you to attack another player.
  • PvP is enabled in all areas but the starting spawn.

What are the main parts of the map?

  • Spawn - This is the place you sell and buy items, and there is no PVP enabled here. Be cautious as fighting just outside will tag you as in a PVP fight for 60 seconds and you can be attacked even if within spawn.
  • Spawn is located at 0,0. You can not teleport to spawn. Run, boat, walk, or sneak there.
  • War Zone - A dangerous area that you have to cross to reach spawn. It does not permit you to use buckets for lava reasons, and you shouldn't try to build a base in this area. You can not claim land in the war zone.
  • Wilderness - The rest of the map. You can build anywhere and claim land for your faction, just be wary of other factions that may be nearby.
  • A bird's eye view of the entire world can be viewed here: World Map

What is a faction?

A faction is a group of people who

  1. Work together to pool resources and build a base.
  2. Make alliances and go to war with other factions.
  3. Build a base
  • Anything within a faction's land is protected, and individuals outside of a faction cannot open doors, break blocks, or open chests.

How do I protect my faction land?

  • Make sure your base is completely sealed. An enemy can ender pearl in through a single open block.
  • Do not build right up to the edge of your chunk.
  • Do not place anything that can be activated by redstone near the edge of your chunk, especially doors.
  • Place an easily breakable block like sand inside of your doors to protect from zombies and door glitches.
  • Use /f claim when you have a stick in your inventory. Left click in the air to see the corners of your claimed land.
  • Use doors to block off each room of your base to limit the movement of an enemy that gets in.
  • Build an ender portal in your base in an enclosed area

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a faction?


  • Players in a faction can claim land. This land will not allow other players to change blocks or access chests. This means your goods, so long as your faction has the appropriate power to maintain its land, are safe and you can build top side structures to your pleasure.
  • Players in a faction are immune to dealing damage to each other. A small but powerful advantage in group PvP.
  • So long as you are 100 blocks away from any other player and have full health and hunger, you can use the /f home command, which will take you to your faction home. This allows player a fast travel benefit, but ensures that they cannot escape combat with the command.


  • Claimed land is visible on the dynamic map. Any player in the server can see where your land is. You will always have to be on your toes.
  • If you or other faction members die, your power level may fall below the amount required to claim land. When this happens, your land is free to be destroyed and your chests to be accessed. So with protection comes the risk of losing all your work.
  • There are no peaceful factions. You can be infiltrated so be wary of who you invite to your faction.

Can I join a faction immediately?

  • While it is possible that you can join a faction, most players will not let you join until you have established yourself (meaning you have some diamonds and can contribute to the sustainability of the group).
  • Instead of spamming the in-game chat asking to join a faction, try to work on establishing your own supplies and materials first, and then ask if a faction is recruiting, or just create one on your own.

Do I have to create a faction?

  • No. You can remain factionless and build your home in the wilderness. The experience remains like any other hardcore death ban server. You can kill people in factions and roam the world as a lone wolf. If you decide to make a faction later on, you can.
  • If you choose this option, your stuff and all of your belongings can be looted and griefed at any time, so beware.

How do I create a faction?

  • Type /f create [faction name] Replacing the '[faction name]' with your desired name.
  • For the rest of this FAQ, we will assume you named your faction NOOBIES

How do factions claim and declaim land?

  • Even 1 member factions can claim land.
  • Claiming land costs in-game money, called Coins.
  • Land cost changes depending upon the size of the claim. Additional claims have additional costs associated with them.
You can claim land in two ways.
  • Claim - Craft a wooden stick and type /f claim - This create a special stick you can use for claiming.
What important commands should I know once I make a faction?
  • /f home set - This allows you to create an area inside your claimed land that you can teleport to at almost any time.
  • /f home - This costs 30 coins (from the Faction bank), and will teleport you to your faction home.
  • If you are within 100 blocks of an opposing player, you will not be able to use this command.
  • /f invite [player name] - Invites a player to your faction. - Invite may be shortened to /f inv [player name].
  • /f uninvite [player name] - Remove a pending invitation.
  • If your faction is closed invitations are required to join the faction.
  • /f officer [player name] - This can only be done if you are the faction Administrator (creator). This gives or revokes officers rights to one of the members of the faction. It allows them to
  • /f admin [player name] - Hand over your admin rights to another member. Note that you are really handing it over. You will not be admin for the faction any longer. You will be turned into a officer, but the new admin could kick you any time.
  • /f kick [player name] - Kick a player from the faction (will not work if player has negative power).
  • /f show - This will show...
    • The power of your faction.
    • The number of players in your faction.
    • Who is online and offline.
    • How many plots of land you own.
    • Your faction's power.
  • /f show [faction name] - Shows the same information for another faction.
  • /f power - Shows your power level.
  • /f leave - Allows you to leave the faction at as long as your power is positive.

How do factions raid my land, and how do I raid theirs?

  • A faction may raid your land if your power falls below zero. It will be able to be raided until your power is 1 or higher.
  • You may raid another faction's land if their power falls below zero. It will be able to be raided until their power is 1 or higher.

How does a faction's power increase or decrease?

  • The more individuals in a faction, the more power a faction will have.
  • Your faction power decreases each time you or a faction member dies.

If I die, do I respawn immediately?

  • If you die, there is a scaling death ban. You are banned for your total play time or three days, whichever is shorter. Use your time wisely and be on the lookout for any attackers.

How do I get coins, and how do I view how many coins I have?

  • You receive 100 coins when you first login to the server.
  • /econ - Allows you to view your coin total. - In order to get more coins, you must sell iron, gold, and diamonds at spawn.

Spawn Shop

  • Iron has a value of 5 coins per ingot (or 45 coins per iron block).
  • Gold has a value of 10 coins per ingot (or 90 coins per gold block).
  • Diamond has a value of 50 coins each (or 450 coins per diamond block)

To sell these ores, right click the proper box, and you will see your coin total increase each time.

How do I see how much money is in my faction, and what else can I do with the coins?

  • /f money balance [faction] - shows faction bank balance.
  • /f money deposit [amount] - deposit money into faction bank.
  • /f money withdraw [amount] - withdraw money from faction bank.
  • /f money ff [amount] NOOBIES [faction] - transfer money from faction to faction.

If I think someone is cheating, or I was banned for a non-bannable offense, what should I do?

  • Contact the admins on reddit using this link
  • Include:
    • Your in-game name.
    • Your reason for appealing the ban
    • Ban appeals will not always be granted.

Can I donate to the server, buy extra lives, and receive a reserved slot?

  • Donate funds and receive in-game lives.

Allowed Minecraft Mods

Below you will find a list of links and some information about all of the mods that are allowed on the server. If you are unsure if a mod is legal to use or not that isn't listed here, then it's probably not. Just ask a Moderator or Administrator about it.
  • ModLoader - A mod to install other mods. Many other mods require this.
  • Optifine - Customization mod to improve frame rate and other video settings.
  • Rei's MiniMap - A very nice map that sits in your HUD. You can also set waypoints.
  • Toggle Sneak - Toggle sneak allows you to stay in sneak mode without having to hold a button down continuously. Also allows you to toggle on the vanilla sprint feature.
  • Magic Launcher - A Minecraft launcher which can load mods dynamically without changing or patching the minecraft.jar.
  • Status Effect HUD - StatusEffectHUD displays your currently active potions/effects without having to open your inventory!
  • ArmorStatusHUD - ArmorStatusHUD displays your currently equipped armor and held item along with the durability remaining without having to open your inventory!
  • DirectionHUD - DirectionHUD displays your current direction.
  • GammaBright - Gammabright allows you to adjust your in-game brightness, the same brightness controlled under the "Video Settings" screen, to whatever your desired level may be. There's no limit. Minecraft's brightness slider is very restrained and can only adjust the brightness between a set range of 0 to 100%. Gammabright allows you to go way beyond (or below!), to make the perfect adjustment.
  • Minecapes - Imagine a minecraft world where everyone is free to change their skin on their own. What? You say that's already possible? NOPE... its not. There's still one thing you can't really change (or even add): your cape!
  • bUpload - Upload screenshots straight to imgur.com!
  • BSM - Better Sprint Mod

Newbie Guide

Top Side

  • Take a look at the world map so that you get a feel for where you may want to build a home.
  • You start with 60 minutes of PvP protection so log in and work quickly.
    1. In spawn, fish until you have approximately 8-12 fish.
    2. Make sure it is day light. Head to the spawn cannon and type /sc launch.
    3. Get your bearings straight and begin heading the furthest from spawn you can. If you see trees, stop to collect wood. You want to be under ground before the end of the day, and need 30 wood blocks ASAP.
    4. Once you get enough wood, continue to head out of the war zone. This should be around ~600 blocks in any direction. DO NOT RUN. WALK. You should only have used 2-3 hunger for all the prior steps if you didn't run and minimized jumping.
    5. Once you are 1000-1200 blocks out, time to go below. Preferably, you'll want to find a spot to dig down that isn't obviously visible from the surface. Remember to never dig straight down. For those who are very newbie, that means two in front of you, then one down, rince and repeat. This way you always see what is below you before you drop down.
    6. Travel all the way to level Y=11 (hit F3 to show your coordinates). You will hopefully have dug through some coal by now, or even better iron. If you haven't, don't worry, you will soon. If you dig into a cave system, DO NOT ENTER IT. It is best to plug up the hole and dig in a different direction. Cave systems = monsters, and we don't want to fight quite yet.
    7. Once you hit Y=11, pick a direction (OPPOSITE OF SPAWN) and start digging. Seriously, just dig in a straight line. Be careful as you dig, you should be above most lava pools but sometimes you'll still get an occasional one.
    8. How is your hunger? If you've survived this long without using a single fish, congrats. If not, no worries. But lets go ahead and make that fish last a bit longer. Build a furnace, and cook the fish you have. They will now restore more hunger. NEVER OVER EAT. If you have 1 hunger remaining, don't eat just to go completely full. You want to utilize your food the best you can.
    What should I build first?
    1. So you are digging in a straight line. You should be collecting quite a bit of coal and iron, and some gold and (hopefully) diamond soon. Iron is your most important item right now. Your first item should be an iron pickaxe and iron bucket. The pickaxe will greatly speed up your mining, and the bucket will be used to hold water (your savior against lava).
    2. Now begin making iron armor. Keep an eye on your iron pick axe and make extras as required. Do not bother with making an iron sword, by the time you have iron pickaxes, an iron bukket, and iron armor you should have hopefully hit a patch of diamond. Use your first two diamond to make a diamond sword.
    3. Now just keep going. You'll get lucky sometimes, sometimes you won't. But if you keep digging, you WILL find diamond. If you run into a cave system (at Y=11) use your water bucket to turn the lava into obsidian. You can then walk along the top and hopefully spot easy formations of diamond/iron. Be careful mining diamond/iron near the obsidian, there could be lava underneath it. I always try to dig completely around a diamond vein if its near lava, just not worth losing my precious to the lava.
    4. Remember to collect all the iron and gold you see. You'll sell these at spawn for coins, which can be used to claim land and nether ingredients for potions.
    5. Running low on food? If you have two buckets of water (you guys carry two, RIGHT?) you can create an endless supply of water. If you build a 1x3 hole and put water on either side, the middle block will be endless water. You can use this to build an underground pond and fish for more food. If you were lucky enough to get some seeds, consider a farm eventually, but right now mobility is key.
    6. DON'T WASTE DIAMOND ON PICK AXES. Seriously. Don't. Yes diamond pickaxes will mine faster, but your goal isn't to mine faster, its to mine diamond. Iron is plentiful, diamond is not. Consider the fact that the time you save with a diamond pickaxe is negated by the fact it costs three diamond to build one. Once you've got full diamond armor and a sword, its your call. There is no doubt you'll mine coins faster with a diamond pickaxe. I personally never use a diamond pickaxe for mining.
    Head to Spawn
    1. So by now, after 60-90 minutes, you should have full diamond. I'm not joking. It is that easy. Now take all that lovely iron ore and gold ore and smelt it into ingots. Once you've got a couple stacks of iron and a stack or so of gold, it might be time to go to spawn.
    2. This is by far the most dangerous part. If you run into a player now, you might have full diamond but they'll likely be enchanted and have potions. As such, you are going to want to avoid all combat. As such, consider going top side and rather than head to spawn, search for enderman. If you can secure even one ender pearl, that is your get out of jail free card. If you see a player coming at you, chunk it as far as you can in the direction of spawn.
    3. Locate the faction shop and sell your goods. I always keep about 20 iron on me for extra pick axes, unless I've already got a few in land.
    4. You should have plenty of coins now. You can either use it to start a faction or buy some potion ingredients. It probably wouldn't hurt to get enough ingredients for some basic potions (Speed, Strength) as they will greatly enhance your ability to escape and survive. If you have a faction now, type /f home to return to your home spot. If you don't, maybe you can find one. Pay close attention to chat and watch how players react to one another. Some factions have malicious intent, and you may be best to keep lone wolfing it until a more newbie friendly faction comes on.
    5. Remember to use the spawn cannon to exit spawn. No use wasting all this hard work because you get killed by a spawn killer.
    GOOD LUCK! For the record, I did every step of this guide on the server yesterday. I had full diamond armor, 1700 coins, and 18 extra diamond within 2 and a half hours of play time. It really isn't that difficult once you get going.

    PvP Guide by: HighlifeTTU

    While it has been a while since I have done a significant amount of PvP, it is still pretty fresh in me and I've also witnessed some of the larger battles on the server. As a result, I'm going to give a quick and concise guide to PvP on HCFactions.

    Getting Started

    Before you even think about getting into PvP, these items are required:
    1. Full diamond armor: Allows you to take more damage.
    2. A diamond sword: Allows you to dish out more damage.
    3. Potions: including Strength, Speed, Healing (splash)(healing for yourself and teammates), Poison (splash) (deadly damage output if you land it), and Fire Resistance.
    4. A bow and arrows (Used for long range engagements / water engagements)
    5. Milk (to counter poison)
    6. Ender pearls (Enter battle / Escape battle)

    Situation Awareness

    Success in PvP is almost as much about determing the strength of your opponent as is the actual fight. If you are in the full equipment above, but determine you are about to enter a 3v1 versus opponents without potions or enchanted armor, you have a good chance of winning the fight. The stats page on HCFactions is a great way to determine the skill of your opponent, and if you have time to do some research prior to an engagement, it is advised.

    If you get caught off guard and feel you do not have the upper hand, the best bet is to flee the battle. Throw an ender pearl towards the best direction of escape (spawn, or your faction home) and then continue to run away from your opponent. As soon as the ender pearl lands, you will be teleported away. If you are running low on health as you throw the pearl, drop some splash potions of healing at your feet while you wait for it to land. It won't matter if you hit your opponent in the process, the goal is to escape. Once you've teleported away, continue to distance yourself. Remember there is a cool down on ender pearls.

    There are many situations where I've been caught off guard, retreated to safety, then returned with full health and my potion effects proc'd. I win the fight since now I'm fighting an even battle, and won't be trying to make up for a few hearts of damage while I was getting my bearings.

    Potions: They are important

    Some people on the server think full diamond armor will win them every fight. No. It won't. The single most important thing in PvP is potions. They are your life line. A quick explaination will be provided for each potion, showing its importance.

    1. Strength: If you don't have a Strength on you, you will get beat. This is what I consider to be the most important potion in the game, as its damage increase is quite powerful.
    2. Speed 2: It doesn't matter how good you are, if your opponent is faster than you he will be able to dictate the battle whether it be escaping from you or chasing you down. Also, someone with speed 2 is incredibly hard to hit with a poison potion, so consider it a defensive weapon as much as it is an offensive one.
    3. Splash Poison: This is the biggest offensive weapon in the game, as it causes a huge amount of damage over a short period. While countered by milk, when the opponent drinks the milk he/she will wipe all positive potion effects as well, giving you a huge upper hand. Be careful in its use. This potion can be hard to throw. It is recommended you practice throwing these against friends to make sure you know how to use them when it counts.
    4. Splash Healing 1: Your life saver. Your hero. You can spam these at your feet if you need to. Always have a couple ready in your quick bar. If you get caught in a bad spot, splash healing can keep you alive long enough to turn the fight around.
    Jump Jump Jump

    If you didn't know this, now you do. If you hit someone while in the air you score a critical hit. The risk you take is you might fly a bit further if you get hit by a knockback sword. You can tell someone is taking a critical damage by some "sparks" that come out when you hit someone. Try it on a friend to see what it looks like.

    Jumping also makes you move slightly faster when running at the expense of greater hunger use. If you wondered how someone caught up, they were likely jumping. So everybody JUMP JUMP JUMP.


    Your hunger dictates your natural health regen, which can make or break a fight. You use hunger quicker through sprinting, jumping, and swinging a sword (even if you don't land a hit). Making each move count is very important in a long fight. Carry bread with you, and eat it at the right moment to refill your hunger. If you are running from a fight, it can be a good idea to eat to full hunger, then throw a splash potion of healing to refresh some health if you get hit while eating. Keeping a full hunger bar is incredibly important.


    If you are in a VERY long fight, this can make or break you. If you lose a key piece of equipment, you will begin taking a huge amount of damage. While carrying extra pieces of diamond isn't good if you die, it could be helpful once you reach a comfort level in your PvP. Take note of your equipment before a fight. Is your helm at half durability? Might want to bring a regular diamond helm just in case. If you see your opponent lose a piece of armor, its time to go for the killing blow. In such a situation, you could use splash healing at your feet to heal both you AND your opponent to full health, knowing you will be dealing much more damage overall.

    Negative Potion Effects

    Watch your negative potion effects. Poison is obvious, slowness and weakness aren't. If you get hit with a weakness 2 splash, you are doing -6 damage. You won't do a thing to anyone. Carry milk for these situations. As stated earlier, be aware of how the fight is going at all times. Take a weakness 2 potion to the face? Time to ender pearl away, drink milk, and then rechug your important potions.

    Inventory Management

    More potions means less space to pick up items. Keep your inventory clean and with only thing things you need. Do you need that axe? Probably not. Carrying two stacks of bread? Unnecessary, drop the extra bread. Each potion matters. If you are in a long fight, running out of key potions is just as bad as losing a piece of armor to durability. Big team battles tend to mean more potion usage, so equip yourself accordingly.

    The Killing Blow

    Kill your opponent? Loot quickly. This is a team server. Chances are, if you are facing an opponent in a large faction, his buddies are already on the way the minute you start the engagement. Grab all the equipment you can, and then run. Nothing sucks more than winning a big fight, only to spend two minutes sorting through your prize only to lose it all because you stuck around too long.

    Deathban versus Non-Deathban

    In certain zones deathban is disabled. This includes the King of the Hill zone, as well as at certain mine locations. You can easily see this by the "Deathban Disabled" message that will pop up as you enter the area. I've seen a lot of players attempt to flee a fight, only to die 20 blocks outside the death zone. If you are not the best escape artist, it may be better to take your death in the non-deathban zone, rather than get chased outside a non-deathban zone and lose a life.

    But Highlife... We hit each other the same amount and I died!

    Minecraft isn't like most competitive games. There is randomness built into the numbers, which I one day hope to fix. So while the randomness exists, there is a chance you get beat simply because a person is dishing out more random damage than you are. Remember that there is no shame in backing off a fight. After some time, you will see what is "normal" for damage taken, and be able to recognize when you've taken too much damage in a short amount of time. This type of accumen will seperate you from an average PvPer, but will take time to learn.

    Server Events

    King of the Hill

    There are multiple King of the Hill events. King of the Hill was designed as a competitive area for players to fight over. Capturing the hill is done by holding the cap zone of the event for 20 minutes without leaving the area. If you die or leave the area at any time, the timer will restart. King of the Hill has deathban DISABLED, meaning you can die there and you will instantly respawn. However, be aware that you will still take power loss. As a result, be prepared to /f home and defend your land if you think your power will drop below 0. Rewards are a random number of diamonds and an item(s) from the loot table.


    Palace is designed as a weekly King of the Hill arena, which players can capture. At this Palace, some of the biggest fights of the server happen, because each faction wants to gain control over it and loot available in its chests. After a faction manages to withstand enemy attacks for 20 minutes and stay on the cap zone, they will capture the Palace, making it theirs for the week. After that, they can go everywhere in and through the Palace, to loot the chests placed there. These chests contain regular items, such as food and ender pearls, but they also contain specially enchanted armor which players are not able of getting through enchanting. These chests will respawn multiple times a day, so the faction controlling it has a lot of time to loot the glorious items. After a faction captures palace it is immediately locked down so that only the winning faction can enter. In the week following the capture certain sections of the Palace will slowly open to the public so that players can access some of the loot chests available.

    Evil Tower

    Evil Tower is a PvE event where you must climb from ground level to the top of the tower. While this may sounds easy, it is anything but easy. There are plenty of areas where you must parkour while endlessly fighting off waves of powerful mobs. Mod damage is upped by 250%! You will absolutely need a team of players to be able to reach the top. If you do reach the top you will find loot chests containing very valuable items. Luckily for you, the Evil Tower area is non-deathban so you will only be blocked from joining the server for 15 minutes, instead of the normal 3 days.


    To help balance game play on the server and promote more PVP, certain restrictions have been made to enchantments and potions.

    Max Armor Enchants

    Projectile Protection3
    Blast Protection3
    Fire Protection3
    Feather Falling4
    Aqua Affinity1

    Max Weapon Enchants

    Fire Aspect1
    Bane of Arthropods5

    Max Tool Enchants

    Silk Touch1
    Luck of the Sea3
    Unbreaking 31


    8193RegenerationNot Allowed
    8225Regeneration IINot Allowed
    8257Regeneration ExtendedNot Allowed
    16385Regeneration SplashNot Allowed
    16417Regeneration II SplashNot Allowed
    16449Regeneration Extended SplashNot Allowed
    8226Speed IIAllowed
    8258Speed ExtendedAllowed
    16386Speed SplashNot Allowed
    16418Speed II SplashNot Allowed
    16450Speed Extended SplashNot Allowed
    8195Fire ResistanceAllowed
    8259Fire Resistance ExtendedAllowed
    16387Fire Resistance SplashAllowed
    16451Fire Resistance Extended SplashNot Allowed
    8228Posion IINot Allowed
    8260Posion ExtendedNot Allowed
    16388Posion SplashAllowed
    16420Posion II SplashNot Allowed
    16452Posion Extended SplashNot Allowed
    8197Instant HealthAllowed
    8229Instant Health IIAllowed
    16389Instant Health SplashAllowed
    16421Instant Health II SplashAllowed
    8198Night VisionAllowed
    8262Night Vision ExtendedAllowed
    16390Night Vision SplashAllowed
    16454Night Vision Extended SplashAllowed
    8200WeaknessNot Allowed
    8232Weakness IINot Allowed
    8264Weakness ExtendedNot Allowed
    16392Weakness SplashNot Allowed
    16424Weakness II SplashNot Allowed
    16456Weakness Extended SplashNot Allowed
    8201StrengthNot Allowed
    8233Strength IINot Allowed
    8265Strength ExtendedNot Allowed
    16393Strength SplashNot Allowed
    16425Strength II SplashNot Allowed
    16457Strength Extended SplashNot Allowed
    8234Slowness IINot Allowed
    8266Slowness ExtendedAllowed
    16394Slowness SplashAllowed
    16426Slowness II SplashNot Allowed
    16458Slowness Extended SplashNot Allowed
    8204HarmingNot Allowed
    8236Harming IINot Allowed
    8268Harming ExtendedNot Allowed
    16396Harming SplashNot Allowed
    16428Harming II SplashNot Allowed
    16460Harming Extended SplashNot Allowed
    8206InvisibilityNot Allowed
    8270Invisibility ExtendedNot Allowed
    16398Invisibility SplashNot Allowed
    16462Invisibility Extended SplashNot Allowed
    Note: Many of these effects can be achieved now through the Gold Armor class. Some of the positive splash potions were removed to make the Gold Armor class useful in combat.

    Purchasable Items

    There are stores at spawn that allow you to buy and sell certain items.


    1 x Chainmail Helm 100 coins
    1 x Chainmail Chest 100 coins
    1 x Chainmail Legs 100 coins
    1 x Chainmail Boots 100 coins
    16 x Mossy Brick 50 coins
    16 x Cracked Brick 50 coins
    16 x Circle Brick 50 coins
    16 x Mossy Cobblestone 50 coins
    16 x Creeper Sandstone 50 coins
    16 x Smooth Sandstone 50 coins
    16 x Halfstep Block 50 coins
    16 x Nether Brick 75 coins
    16 x Endstone 100 coins
    1 x Mycelium 500 coins
    1 x Book and Quill 10 coins
    1 x Water Lilly 10 coins


    Diamond 50 coins each
    Gold Ingot 10 coins each
    Iron Ingot 5 coins each
    Emerald 5 coins each
    Lapis Lazuli 2 coins each
    Redstone Dust 1 coins each

    Spawn Cannon

    The spawn cannon is a tool to get out of spawn fast but it also has complete randomness. It will not harm you.

    /sc launch - Command to launch yourself from the cannon.

    PvP Classes

    All PvP classes have a 60 second warm up period after you equip the armor.
    Diamond Armor (Standard Setup)

    Diamond Armor is the most protective armor in the game and has the highest durability. There are no special effects for people wielding Diamond Armor, and this is the "go to" 1v1 or small group setup.

    Leather Armor (Archer Class)

    An individual wielding a complete set of leather armor receives a bonus to archery as well as a Speed III boost. Therefore, it is considered the "Archery Class". The Archery Class has a 2.0x damage increase to all archery damage regardless of range, and receives an additional 0.1x bonus based on distance. The bonus is detailed as follows:

    • Minimum distance for additional bonus is 16 blocks.
    • Maximum distance that counts towards the additional bonus is 180 blocks.

    Long distance shots are very deadly to all classes. Archers also take reduced damage from incoming arrow attacks. This reduction is a flat value reduction that makes arrows that are non long range shots from Non-Archer classes deal no damage. Long Range Shots from Non-Archer Classes will deal a small amount of damage. Shots from Other Archers will only see a small decrease in damage when shooting at other Archers.

    Instant Potion Effects: You can apply a 10 second instant potion effect for Jump IV by right clicking with a Feather in hand. There is a 30 second cooldown for additional instant potion effects. You can apply a 15 second instant potion effect for Speed IV by right clicking with Sugar in hand. There is a 30 second cooldown for additional instant potion effects.


    • Long distance combat.
    • Ability to deal out large amounts of damage without being engaged in the heart of a battle.


    • Low armor protection. The Archer Class is dispatched very quickly by a diamond sword.
    Archers are essential in large group battles, especially in defense of event areas.
    Gold Armor (Bard Class)

    An individual wielding a complete set of gold armor has the ability to support fellow faction mates by giving them a boost if they are within a 20 Block radius from the Bard Class player. Therefore, it is considered the "Bard Class". The Bard Class applies a given boost on a timed interval based on the "Item in Hand" at the time the boost is to be applied. By default a Bard has Speed I, Resistance II, Regeneration II and Weakness IV applied to themselves.

    Timed Effects: Are applied every 5 seconds and are infinite if the item is continually held in hand.

    • Iron Ingot - Resistance I
    • Ghast Tear - Regeneration I
    • Magma Cream - Fire Resistance I
    • Sugar - Speed II
    • Golden Carrot - Nightvision I
    The Bard Class also has some Instant Effect abilities. These Instant abilities are applied when the "Item In Hand" is "Right Clicked" however using an Instant Effect ability creates a 60 second cool-down during which time no other effect (Timed or Instant) can be used. Instant Effects: Are applied instantly when the "Item In Hand" is "Right Clicked". Positive effects are applied to you. Negative effects are applied to you and enemies.
    • Iron Ingot - Resistance VIII for 5 seconds
    • Glistering Melon - Heals 6 Hearts Instantly
    • Blaze Rod - Strength I for 20 seconds
    • Feather - Jump VI for 10 seconds
    • Red Mushroom - Poison I for 2 seconds
    • Brown Mushroom - Weakness I for 10 seconds
    • Slime Ball - Slow I for 10 seconds
    • Sugar - Speed IV for 10 seconds
    • Raw Fish - Aqua Affinity 6 for 10 seconds
    • Spider Eye - Wither I for 10 seconds
    • Eye Of Ender - Reveals Invisible Rouge Players within 80 blocks. (Forces a 30 second cool-down on the Rouge Player before they can go Invisible again)
    • Wheat - Heals 6 hunger points


    • Ability to apply bonuses to multiple people for an "endless" amount of time without having to carry large supplies of Potions.
    • Ability to switch bonuses on the fly as needed.
    • Instant Ability to Heal Health and Hunger.


    • Gold armor is relatively weak and easy to spot making this class a target in a fight.
    • Does not have much offensive abilities because if the Item In Hand is not one of the items above no effect will be given. (I.E. Support player is holding a sword to fight off an enemy, no effect will be applied as long as they are holding / fighting with a sword)
    • Bonus do NOT stack from multiple Bard Class Players. I.E. If two Bard Class players in the same faction try to apply a Strength bonus it does NOT increase the time, or power of the effect.
    • Multiple Bard Class players can apply different effects at the same time. I.E. If you have 4 Bard Class players each one could apply a different timed effect so all players within range of all 4 would get all 4 effects.
    • Instant Effects do stack. I.E. If two support class players activate the instant heal ability from Glistering Melons all players within range of both would get 12 hearts of health.
    Chain Armor (Rogue Class)

    An individual wielding a complete set of chain armor has the ability to be invisible for short amounts of time, and use the back-stab ability. Therefore, it is considered the "Rogue Class". The Rogue class has the ability to right click on an Eye of Ender and become Invisible for up to 2 minutes. When invisible if a non-faction player is within 10 blocks the invisibility will be auto removed and a cooldown will be put in place before you can try to go invisible again. If you right click on an Eye of Ender when already invisible it will cancel the invisibility without the cooldown wait that getting within range of a non-faction member has. The Rogue class also has the "Back-Stab" ability that is activated by attacking with a Gold Sword from behind. 3 Successful Back-Stab hits to kill an Archer, Bard and Rogue Class. 4 Successful Back-Stab hits will kill a Diamond Armor Player. Every Successful Back-Stab destroys the Gold Sword (I.E. you need 4 Gold Swords to kill a Diamond Armor Player).

    Note: The Bard Class has a ability to reveal Invisible Rogue Players within 80 blocks of themselves and if you are detected by a Bard Class player you will be unable to go invisible again for 30 seconds.

    Instant Effects: Are applied instantly when the "Item In Hand" is "Right Clicked". Positive effects are applied to you. Negative effects are applied to you and enemies. There is a cooldown of 30 seconds.
    • Sugar - Speed V for 15 seconds
    • Fireball - Confusion IV for 20 seconds, Slow I for 10 seconds


    • Invisibility when not within 10 blocks of a non-faction member for up to 2 minutes.
    • Back-stab using a gold sword.


    • Can be detected by Bard Class.
    • Armor is weak compared to Diamond.
    Iron Armor (Miner Class)

    An individual wielding a complete set of iron armor has haste and night vision potion effects applied. Therefore, it is considered the "Miner Class". With these potion effects a player is able to mine more quickly and see in the dark without the use of torches.


    • Faster mining.
    • No need for torches while mining.


    • Armor is weak compared to Diamond.
    • You can not enchant your gear.
    Event Tier Weight Item Min Stack Max Stack

    Cheating / Nodus

    A number of users have been accused of cheating, so I wanted to make very clear how nocheat works and how it combats some of the major combat hacks. We are always testing the latest Nodus versions on an alt character and making sure NoCheat is sufficiently blocking certain cheats, reporting those it doesn't, and are working on custom plugins to detect other unauthorized plugins.

    God Mode:

  • Nodus does have a god mode, but NoCheat will not only flag the user for trying to use it, but passes along the damage anyways. The server tracks player HP, not the client.
  • No Fall Damage:

  • Nodus has a feature that negates fall damage. NoCheat detects this, flags the user for using it, then passes along the damage anyways.
  • Always Critical / Knockback:

  • Nodus has a feature that allows a user to always cause a knockback effect (done when you hit someone sprinting) as well as always cause critical damage. NoCheat detects this, and cancels the entire attack. This means someone trying to use it actually does no damage with their swings. When they do use it, it flags them and it is very easy for us to tell.
  • Reach Hack:

  • Nodus has a feature that allows the user to hit another user from a greater distance than what is allowed. NoCheat detects this, flags the user, then cancels the attack. If you are ever lagging profusely, sometimes this will falsely flag. You'll notice you swing but nothing happens. This is NoCheat at work.
  • Kill Aura:

  • Nodus has a feature that allows a user to hit everything in a given radius. NoCheat detects this, cancels the attack, and flags the user.
  • Auto Aim:

  • Nodus has a feature that allows a user to auto focus a target. Your cursor is locked on the person. NoCheat does NOT detect this, but its visually easy to distinguish. When users are jumping around quite a bit, the person using it will snap around unnaturally. While it sucks we cannot auto detect it, this won't cause someone to win a fight. There is also the chance they will lag while using it, and it will flag the aura check, so users who try to use it WILL raise flags eventually.
  • Ghost Mode:

  • Nodus has a feature that allows a ghost mode, which means players can move from their body and check out their surrounding. NoCheat now detects this. It's not perfect, but when we see a flag from it that user is now under our watchful eye. The good news, this isn't a combat hack so it shouldn't cause you any grief.
  • There is an issue with them using it to hit you through blocks with the ghost if you are near them, but if you suspect this is happening, break the block and lay into them. By the time they switch it off they'll be dead. Also, this is very easy to catch visually, and flags a few very hard to trigger checks if they don't do it perfectly, so it is only a matter of time.
  • Fast Break / Mass Block Break:

  • Detected and flagged.
  • Inventory Tweaks:

  • We are almost finished with a plugin to detect inventory tweaks. For now, please record a fight or message an admin to observe someone if you think they are using it. When this is finished, this activity will be gone as well.
  • In short, NoCheat deters nearly all of the combat related hacks, and its only a matter of time before we catch people using the non-combat tweaks. We don't automatically ban for every flag, as NoCheat is not perfect. Lag can cause false flags, and certain actions can be percieved as cheating when its not. So it can take time to nail a user who is not using combat hacks, since we want to be sure we don't falsely ban someone.

    Also, here is a small list of known ways to get into your base. Before you report someone, please look over this list.

    1. Redstone. If you have doors near the wilderness chunks, a person can place a switch on a block in the wilderness and activate your door.
    2. Holes. Ender pearls can be used through holes in your base. Please carefully evaluate that there are no holes in your structure.
    3. Walls in the wilderness. More times than not, new players don't properly check the boundaries for every wall, and something gets placed in the wilderness. A quick way to test this is to boot a member of your faction from the faction and have them test every wall. There is a one hour timer to rejoin the faction, but that can be worth it if it saves your base.
    4. Tilled land. Farm blocks are slightly lower than a normal block. If a soil block is next to wilderness, there will be a very small gap between it and the next wall. Ender pearls can go through that tiny gap with some effort. Make sure your farms are completely surrounded by walls.
    5. Infiltration. Someone inside your faction let them in. This happens more than you think. This is hands down the most common when we get an accusation. And no, we won't tell you who it is. We are not to intervene.

    If someone uses any of the above methods to get in, it is completely legal.

    The one thing people can do at this moment is abuse the no-stuck relog issue. If a player is standing in a 2 block high area, he can log out and back in, and sometimes bukkit will think that player is stuck in a wall and he will be teleported up to the next open space. A simple solution to this is to build a 3 block high room underneath your base and fill it with lava. Anyone who tries to use it will burn and die.

    In Conclusion - Nearly all combat hacks are prevented. Almost all entries into your base can be explained

    Please consider this before making an accusation. Going forward, please message or find an admin in mumble. This server shouldn't be going on witch hunts unfairly, so let us handle the issue between the two parties without getting the entire server involved.