Server address: us.shotbow.net

Server is Online (73/250)

Death Ban
Spawn Cannon

What is HC Factions?

Hardcore Factions is a multiplayer server for minecraft that features several plugins to offer a completely new Minecraft experience. The server features:

Death Ban

If you die, you are banned from the server for your total play time or 3 days, whichever is shorter. This adds a real consequence to your actions.


Team up with friends to claim land and face off against the other factions.


Equip full leather to become an archer and do bonus damage with a bow.
Full gold turns you into a bard and provides potion effects to your team.
Full chainmail makes you an assassin with limited invisibility and a backstab attack.

PVP Tweaks

Many potions and enchantments are disabled to provide balance. Underequiped players have a chance to win an encounter if they have good tactics.


Multiple King of the Hill temples await players who reach the endgame. These provide great rewards when claimed.

Spawn Cannon

Shoot yourself to a random location in the wilderness, preventing players from following you out of spawn!

World Map

View faction homes and find a place for your own using the server world map.


Sell Lapis, Redstone, Iron, Gold, and Diamonds at spawn to get coins that can be used to teleport home,
claim land, buy rare items, and set bounties on other players.