Server address: us.shotbow.net

Server is Online (0/400)

The Basics:

A new take on factions. This server aims to add the intensity of a hardcore death ban server with the politics and end game fun of factions.

Death Ban

If you die, there is a scaling deathban. The length will be either your current total play time for the map or 3 days, whichever is shorter.


Enabled in all areas but the starting spawn

New Player PvP protection

Players are given an hour of PVP protection when they first join the server. This does not protect against mobs, falling damage, or other environmental dangers.


Tweaked to maintain a hardcore experience but allow players who reach the "end game" to form alliances, raid enemy territory, and make a mark on the world. With a 3 day death ban, every decision is crucial.

Spawn Cannon

Escape from spawn without being followed- the spawn cannon shots you to a random location in the warzone to ensure you are not followed out of spawn. Shotbow Premium members get the ability to aim the cannon with a few restrictions on distance.

Why Factions on a hardcore death ban server?

Prior to opening this server, I administrated on the KKMC hardcore server. However, I found that once players obtained diamond, the only real things left to do were explore the nether to get potion ingredients or head to spawn to try to kill new players or fight other players hanging out at spawn. In short, players got bored. While you can still hang around spawn and try to kill new players, Factions gives a late game purpose, and will add new challenges.

So should everyone join a faction?

A faction may not be for everyone. In the spirit of keeping the server a hardcore experience, Factions has been tweaked to give certain advantages that are offset by certain disadvantages


  • Players in a faction can claim land. This land will not allow other players to change blocks or access chests. This means your goods, so long as your faction has the appropriate power to maintain its land, are safe and you can build top side structures to your pleasure.
  • Players in a faction are immune to dealing damage to each other. A small but powerful advantage in group PvP.
  • So long as you are 100 blocks away from any enemy player, you can use the /home command, which will take you to your faction home. This allows player a fast travel benefit, but ensures that they cannot escape combat with the command.


  • Faction homes are visible on the dynamic map. Any player in the server can see where your home is. You will always have to be on your toes.
  • If you or other faction members die, your power level may fall below the amount required to claim land. When this happens, your land is free to be destroyed and your chests to be accessed. So with protection comes the risk of losing all your work.
  • There are no peaceful factions. You can be infiltrated, and all faction members can change the claimed land blocks and access chests / use doors.
  • Not your style? Not a problem. You can remain factionless and build your home in the wilderness. The experience remains like any other hardcore death ban server. You can kill people in factions and roam the world as a lone wolf. If you decide to join a faction later on, you can. However, it's recommended that you use the /f create command to create a one person faction. Though you can't claim land without another member, you can still use commands like /f enemy that allow you to attack other players on their faction land.

So what now?

Join the server! The address is: smp.hcfactions.net The Faction commands can be a bit complicated at first, but you have plenty of time to learn those while you try to survive the first few hours of hardcore (which is the hardest part). Once you get some diamond and are feeling more confident, you can look up the faction guide on the website.